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VIDIS Project Final Meeting

We are excited  to be organizing the VIDIS PROJECT FINAL MEETING,
Meeting is hybrid, in person and on-line on April 11th and 12th 2024. It will be recorded.

The agenda can be found here:


We will have two half days FINAL VIDIS MEETING.

The first day it will be presentation, results of VIDIS project. After
discussion for all that participate in-person it will be organised visit
to ENEA partner laboratories.

Link to 1. day meeting:

The second day it will be shown TV show presented at National Broadcast
about VIDIS project and presentation of prof Zoran Ristovski, PI of QUT.
After that it will be presented VIDIS WPs by coordinator and WPs
leaders: dr Milena Jovasevic-Stojanovic, dr Milos Davidovic, dr Saverio
De Vito and Dr Alena Bartonova.

Link to 2. day meeting:


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