Needs that motivated FunSNM

Sensor networks are becoming increasingly ubiquitous, ranging over a wide variety of applications

-They are forming a ground pillar in the digital transformation, for example in infrastructure and systems with high societal impacts such as air quality monitoring, energy networks, advanced manufacturing, and natural gas trading networks

Conventional metrology has been limited to individual measurement units and sensors.

-However, new aspects such as self-calibration, co-calibration, the use of data redundancy for inconsistency, drift detection, dependencies, correlations, as well as new challenges due to the size, mixed quality and volatility of data, impose the need for a fundamental metrological joint effort that can only be undertaken by bringing together world leading National Metrology Institutes expertise in network metrology.

Urgency for advancing sensor network metrology is rooted in its potential to enhance several fields

What are expected results of FunSNM

Generalized methods for the metrological assessment and description of sensor networks

-Including various types and geographical distributions of sensor networks.

Demonstrated validity of the methods developed in real-world case studies.

Best practice guides

-On sensor network metrology and sensor information in a machine-readable way for use in sensor networks,

End user guidance and software

-To improve measurement reliability by recommending best practice in standardised methods of in-situ metrology and traceability for sensor networks

Who are expected end users

-End-users: Industrial processing and sensor manufacturers, operators of environmental monitoring grids and energy distribution networks.

-Metrological and Scientific communities: International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) Joint Committee for Guides in Metrology (JCGM)/WG1, BIPM CCT, EURAMET’s Technical Committees, -Working Groups and –European Metrology Networks (EMNs), universities, and technical committees of the International Measurement Confederation – IMEKO.

The FunSNM project offers strong metrological support to the digital transformation by not only addressing the reliability of sensor networks but also ensuring innovation, practicality and contribution to standards, making it a robust and comprehensive initiative in advancing sensor network metrology

Who is implementing the project

Partners: VTT (Finland), CMI (Czech Republic), DTI (Denmark), FORCE Technology (Denmark), IPQ (Portugal), LNE (France), METROSERT (Estonia), PTB (Germany), VSL (Netherlands), Airparif (Paris, France), FZ-JUELICH (Germany), NPL (UK), University of Cambridge (UK), VINS (Serbia), CCPI (UK), Random Red (Croatia), Vaisala (Finland), METAS (Switzerland).