The objective is to develop and implement a process that would in three years, deliver a strong concept, and at least, part funding with outlook for the next 2-5 years.

This will be done by developing a concept and coherent annual strategic plans towards establishment of the VIDIS Centre of linked institutions with complementary expertise, competitive in different markets from the point of view of scientific excellence, innovation capabilities and implementation skills.


VIDIS will work in areas that are necessary to develop comprehensive information about air quality for various users, utilizing low-cost sensor systems. Scientific elements will concern but not be limited to the following elements: development of additional observing capabilities, such as a distributed low-cost sensor systems network, including evaluation of technological solutions for monitoring, data transfer and storage infrastructure, data processing, quality assurance and quality control, and integration of the data with other data sources.

T1.1 Strategy development

T1.2 Annual strategic work plans

T1.3 Joint project proposals development

T1.4 Development of internal evaluation methods

WP number Deliverable Number Deliverable Title Due Date (in Month) Lead beneficiary Type Dissemination level


D1.1 Annual strategic plan year 1 7 1 – VINCA Report Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services)
D1.2 Internal strategy document – scoping paper 1 8 2 – NILU Report
D1.3 Draft internal evaluation method 12 2 – NILU Report
D1.4 Annual strategic plan year 2 12 1 – VINCA Report
D1.5 Internal strategy document – scoping paper 2 20 1 – VINCA Report
D1.6 Annual strategic plan year 3 24 1 – VINCA Report
D1.7 Internal evaluation method 34 2 – NILU Report Public

WP1 Leader

Dr Miloš Davidović ORCID logoRG logo
Assistant Research Professor