The overall aim is to develop and implement VIDIS as an internationally recognized research and innovation centre that serves as a research hub and support to society on air quality monitoring, assessment and management, enabled by innovative observing technologies.

To achieve this aim, we will pursue the following specific objectives:

  • Develop long-term strategy and recognition for the VIDIS centre,
  • Secure funding for the VIDIS centre, especially for activities in the Widening country,
  • Enhance research and scientific skills of partners and in general by training activities, targeting scientific staff and primarily, early stage researchers (ESR),
  • Enhance skills in scientific and administrative management, primarily of the Widening country,
  • Enhance the scientific visibility of partners through scientific publishing and dissemination,
  • Enhance societal uptake of the latest research and innovation outcomes by outreach activities targeting civil society and administrations on all levels (e.g., municipalities, Environment pollution agencies).

The main goal of VIDIS is to develop and implement an internationally recognized research and innovation centre through strengthening existing and build new research capabilities in atmospheric monitoring and exposure assessment in the participating institutions, in particular the coordinating research institute. This will be done by drawing on scientific expertise of each of the participating institution, each having particular skills and knowledge in the scientific fields of the topic of this project, and by joint carrying out of the planned activities.

VIDIS will enable:

  • Enhancing the S&T capacity of the participating institutions through short term missions, workshops and trainings,
  • Raising staff research profile by joint publishing, organizing and participation in international conferences,
  • Raising the institutions’ research profile, in particular the institution from the widening country, by acquiring new skills and entering new collaboration constellations, including joint participation in research projects
  • Further development of an important interdisciplinary research domain with high societal relevance.