• Provide optimal orientation to all partners
  • Enable transparency for consortium partners and the EC
  • Maximize effectiveness of project activities
  • Ensure efficiency
  • Provide support to WP1, WP2, WP3 and support WeBIOPATR conferences in 2021 and 2023


T 4.1 Implementation of efficient management and support structure

T 4.2 Contractual issues & decision making management

T 4.3 Reporting and support of financial management & control

T4.4 Monitoring & ensuring progress and excellence

T4.5 Project activities coordination and support to implementation

Deliverable Number Deliverable Title Lead beneficiary Type  Dissemination  level Due Date (in months)
D4.1 Publication baseline 1 – VINCA Report Public 2
D4.2 Public project website and leaflet Report 4
D4.3 Data management plan version 1 ORDP: Open Research Data Pilot 6
D4.4 Data management plan final ORDP: Open Research Data Pilot 36

WP4 Leader

Dr Milena Jovašević-Stojanović ORCID logoRG logo
Full Research Professor, VIDIS coordinator