You are currently viewing National TV Program special – Technologies and us

National TV Program special – Technologies and us

On Sunday, February 25th at 3.18 PM Serbian national TV channel RTS2 broadcast a special in the series titled “Technologies and us” – “Tehnologije i mi”, devoted to VIDIS project.

This series covers the topics of the relationships involving humanity, technological innovations and the environment.

The title of the special was “Innovative technologies in estimating air quality”. It is a 25 minute program including the introduction to our project and it’s synergistic projects as well as the interviews with the researchers presenting the results and the milestones reached.

We would like to thank the producers of the special AVT VISER  and the national television RTS for enabling the success of our project to be shared to a wider audience.

We will share the link when the special is available to watch on Youtube.

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