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VIDIS SUMMER SCHOOL 2023, August 28th – September 2nd 2023, Borkovac, Ruma, Serbia

Innovative methods in air pollution and atmospheric aerosols monitoring and modelling

VIDIS project team is proud to announce VIDIS SUMMER SCHOOL 2023 which will be held from August 28th – September 2nd 2023 in Hotel Borkovac, Ruma, Serbia.


The Summer School is organized as part of the H2020 VIDIS project, and it will showcase the most recent research and development activities related to air quality and atmospheric aerosols. VIDIS summer school aims to present innovative methods and tools in air quality and atmospheric aerosols monitoring, modelling and management. The summer school will provide participants with both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience in relation to low-cost PM sensors, and other sensing technologies for air quality management and control.


Participants will have an opportunity:
• To use air quality low-cost sensors/devices developed by the VIDIS partners and related projects and make sense of the collected data through visualization
platforms. A team of VIDIS project participants will be there to guide participants throughout these exercises.
• To participate in an in-field experiment utilizing a small-scale network of sensors assembled during the summer school and to analyse real time data obtained using low-cost sensor measurements and scanning mobility and optical particle sizers. Experiments will be hands-on, fun and imitate real life situations!
• To perform calibration of low-cost sensors using both common techniques and state of the art machine learning approaches.
• To demonstrate data fusion technologies that utilize measurement data of different temporal and spatial resolution e.g., satellite data and ground-level PM data
• To present their own research through poster(s).

Please check the official flyer for application procedure and summer school programme. Looking forward to seeing you at the summer school!

The application deadline is until June 15th 2023.

VIDIS team


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