Session Presenter(s) Media
Welcome, introduction to VIDIS summer school and presentation participants Dr Milena Jovašević-Stojanović VIDEO
Why measure air quality Dr Alena Bartonova VIDEO
Why measure with low-cost sensors Dr Milena Jovašević-Stojanović VIDEO
Aerosol Mass Spectroscopy Prof Dr Zoran Ristovski VIDEO
Low-cost sensors device modelling and calibration functions
Introduction to advanced calibration, focus on global calibration
Dr Saverio de Vito VIDEO
Ground-based and satellite remote sensing of atmospheric aerosols Dr Kerstin Stebel VIDEO
User perspective of low-cost sensors Dr Alena Bartonova VIDEO
Particle in the liquid sampling for oxidative potential measurement Dr Zoran Ristovski VIDEO
Aerosols observations and retrieved properties Dr Kerstin Stebel VIDEO
Theoretical introduction of MRL, ANN and RF and with examples of calibration derivation process Dr Sergio Ferlito VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2
Air pollution low-cost sensors and quality of measurements Dr Franck René Dauge, Dr Miloš Davidović VIDEO
Franck Dauge – Characterisation of sensors systems for ambient air quality monitoring in Europe purpose and methods Dr Franck René Dauge VIDEO
Remote experiment in QUT laboratory Dr Zoran Ristovski with QUT PhD students VIDEO
Field experience of low-cost sensors application by VIDIS partners
Field training by Vinca with KLIMERKO Pro (UNICEF Serbia) and Monica (ENEA) devices
Data analyses in two groups of participants Prof Zoran Ristovski, Dr Svetlana Stevanovic, Dr Miloš Davidović VIDEO
Combination of satellite-based aerosol data with ground-based observations
Satellite based AOD and PM
Dr Philipp Schneider, Dr Kerstin Stebel
Satellite data use exercise
Correlation between the data collected with different instruments Prof Zoran Ristovski, Dr Svetlana Stevanovic VIDEO
Introducing Python software environment and setting up the required software Dr Miloš Davidović VIDEO
Summer school discussion and conclusion Dr Milena Jovašević-Stojanović VIDEO